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What's the Matador? is the sixty-second Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


The Stooges are vaudeville entertainers who trek to Mexico to perform their gag bull fight shtick, with Curly at the brave matador, and Moe and Larry dressed in a bull costume. Along the way, they cross paths with attractive senorita Dolores Sanchez (Suzanne Kaaren). They also cross paths with her evil jealous and hot-tempered man-hating husband named José (Harry Burns). In an act of revenge on Curly for flirting with Dolores, José pays the bullring attendants to release a live bull into the ring. Moe and Larry flee the ring, but Curly is unaware of the switch. He eventually head-butts the wild animal, and is paraded out of the ring to the rousing cheers of "Olé, Americano!"



  • What's the Matador was remade by the Stooges in Sappy Bull Fighters where Joe Besser was the third stooges.
  • When The Stooges break the glass door you can see Curly's stunt double and he has slightly more hair.