A three stooges card.

Begining in 1959, the Three Stooges have had several different sets of Training Cards.


The first set of Cards were produced in 1959 by F.H. Fleer Company. The card set featured 96 cards, each of which was a colorized scene from many of their Colombia shorts. Underneath each card was a one liner representing what the scene was depicting. One the back side of the card was Stooge Trivia or comical quotes, which was written by Edwood Ulman, who was already a writer for the three stooges. The first three cards are the most sought out because they feature headshots of Curly, Moe and Larry.


Six years later in 1965, the F.H. Fleer company released there second set of Bubble gum trading cards. This series was far less successful because it was to promote there film, the outlaws is coming. The cards have black and white pictures of the boys, with dialogs below it. The backs of the entire 66 card series join together to form a giant poster, which is taken from the film.


It would be twenty years before the boy, were finally able to return to training cards. In 1985 the FTCC company produced a total of 60 three stooges cards. The front featured many memorable scenes from their shorts. Like the 1959 series, the first three cards are shots of Moe, Larry and Curly. The back of the card featured trivia, which ranged from bits of there lives to somewhat little tidbits about there shorts.


Four years later FTCC would once again produce another set of training cards. Like the cards before it, they depicted scenes from their shorts, as well as headshots of the three stooges, although they were much more professional looking. Much like the series from 1965, these cards formed together to create a giant picture of a XXXXX. There were two different versions of this set, one with a blue picture on the back, and the second with a red picture.


In 1991, one three stooges card was produced, this one was a rendition of "Violent Is the Word for Curly".


In 1997 Duo Cards released a new set of Three Stooges cards. Once more featuring various shots of the boys and their shorts.

75 anniversary cardsEdit

A set of three stooges card were released in 2003, in order to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the stooges.