Three Little Beers is the eleventh Three Stooges short subject from Columbia Pictures.


Three little beers

The Stooges at work at the Panther Pilsner Beer company delivery department stacking barrels on top of one another onto the back of their delivery truck. They soon learn about a golf tournament which their company is sponsoring and quickly drive off to the Rancho Golf Club. Once on the golf course, the Stooges disrupt everyone and everything — and steal some golfers' clothes. They split up to practice.

Curly gets his golf ball stuck in the tree and decides the only way to retrieve it is by chopping it down. Moe finds an open area to practice, but that only thing that he hits is the ground, chopping divots. Larry practices putting, but a root gets in his way and he begins tugging on it until the putting green has a grassless line going through it where the root was. The groundskeepers see all this, and complain to management. Three Little Beers highlighted one of the Stooges' most memorable wardrobe selections.The scared trio run for it in their beer truck. But when they head uphill, two barrels suddenly fall off the truck and roll away. The truck is parked, and the Stooges give chase but to no avail. It gets worse when the parked truck's brake loosens up, moving it slightly, and the truck hits a street corner, so the rest of the barrels give way and head downhill as well.


This short marked the first appearance of stooge supporting actors John Tyrrell and Eddie Laughton.

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