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The Yoke's on Me is the seventy-ninth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.



The Stooges try to join the army but are labeled 4-F by the draft board due to Curly having water on the knee. When they decide to vacation until a job comes along, their father (Robert McKenzie) insists they aid the war effort instead by becoming farmers. Inspired, the trio sell their dilapidated car and buy an equally dilapidated farm. The farm contains no livestock except for one ostrich, which had eaten gunpowder. The boys then spot some pumpkins and decide to carve and sell them.

In the interim, several Japanese internees escape a prison camp (known during World War II as 'relocation centers'), and work their way onto the Stooges' farm. Curly is the first to notice some suspicious activity (one of the refugees place the carved pumpkin on his head, spooking Curly). Eventually, Moe and Larry believe him, and realize that the farm is surrounded by the Japanese. Moe then throws an ostrich egg (laden with digested gunpowder) at the refugees, killing them.