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The Tooth Will Out is the one-hundred-thirty-fourth short subject from Columbia Pictures starring the Three Stooges.


The Tooth Will Out

After being fired from two jobs, the Stooges end up being chased into a dental office. Eventually, the boys study, and graduate from dental school. The dean of the school (Vernon Dent) gives them their first recommendation to go out west (read: far away), and open a practice.

The boys open up shop in quiet western town, when their first customer (Slim Gaut) comes in with a mild toothache. Wearing glasses with lenses as thick as Coke bottles, Dr. Shemp proceeds to drill the patient's teeth until smoke rises from his mouth.

The appointment is abruptly cut short when an irate tough Sheriff (Dick Curtis) enters the office with a serious toothache. Feeling nervous, Shemp accidentally picks up the wrong book, entitled The Amateur Carpenter. They first rub sandpaper to his chest, and paste the inside of his hat which they thought it was to "vonish the lid". After discovering it is the wrong book, the boys go back to business seriously. They take the painful tooth, and yank it out as the patient is pulled off the chair, causing him to wake up. Unfortunately, Shemp extracted the wrong tooth, with the angry Sheriff chasing after the frantic Stooges.



  • This is the last Three Stooges short to feature Dick Curtis.
  • Vernon Dent and Margie Liszt both were apperance in each other, the other shorts goes as Pest Man Wins and Income Tax Sappy.