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{{New Three Stooges Episodes}}
{{New Three Stooges Episodes}}
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[[Category:New Three Stooges Episodes]]

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The New Three Stooges

The New Three Stooges was an American animated television series that ran from 1965-1966 starring the Three Stooges. The show follows the trio's antics both in live-action and animated segments. The cast consisted of "Curly Joe" DeRita, Larry Fine and Moe Howard, with actor and close friend Emil Sitka co-starring.

Forty-One live action sequences were executively produced by cartoonist Norman Maurer, Moe's son-in-law, who was their film agent at this time. Edward Bernds, who had directed The Three Stooges when they were making their ever-popular shorts from 1945-1953, was also hired to write and direct the series. Emil Sitka, who had appeared in many of the Stooges comedies over the years, was slated to appear in these wraparounds as straightman or stooge to the Stooges. The New Three Stooges cartoon series

Cambria Studios produced 156 short Stooge cartoons under the supervision of Lee Orgel. Four cartoons were produced to correspond thematically with forty of the live-action Stooge opening and closing sequences, so that one live-action sequence could serve as a wraparound for four different cartoons. (This proved to be one of the downfalls of the show, because many a viewer would turn off a show once they saw a wraparound they had seen before, assuming they're watching a rerun.) The "pilot" cartoon "That Little Old Bomb Maker" feature a unique live-action wrap around that wasn't reused on other cartoons.

Many fans dismissed The New Three Stooges as a disappointment, although still not as limited in animation as Cambria Studios' three previous Syncro-Vox series, Clutch Cargo, Space Angel, and Captain Fathom. The boys were visibly aging during this time (Moe was 68, and Larry was 63), so the slapstick was subdued in the live action segments. In an interview on Rhino Entertainment's first volume of these shows, Lee Orgel also states that the Stooges' penchant for slapstick violence was kept to a minimum due to the concerns of parental groups.

The color television series did last successfully from 1965-1966. Although the show was last aired in syndication on WGN in the mid-1990s, it has on rare occasion been seen on Boomerang and Me-TV.

Home video

Some episodes are currently available on VHS and DVD (often in cheap "dollar packages") because the majority of the series fell into the public domain.

The entire series was released in a 5-disc box set on October 15, 2013, titled The New Three Stooges: Complete Cartoon Collection.

New Three Stooges Episodes
3 Lumps and a Lamp ~ A Bull for Adamo ~ A Fishy Tale ~ A Little Past Noon ~ Aloha Ha Ha ~ Artists ~ Baby Sitters ~ Barbers ~ Bat and Brawl ~ Bee My Honey ~ Behind the 8-ball Express ~ Best Test Pilots ~ Bridge On The River Cry ~ Buried Treasure ~ Campsite Fright ~ Clarence of Arabia ~ Cotton Pickin' Chicken ~ Deadbeat Street ~ Decorators ~ Dentist ~ Dentist the Menace ~ Dizzy Doodlers ~ Doctors ~ Electricians ~ Feud For Thought ~ Fishermen ~ Flycycle Built For Two ~ Forgot In Space ~ Fowl Weather Friend ~ Get Out Of Town By Sundown Brown ~ Goldibear And The Three Stooges ~ Goldriggers of '49 ~ Hair Of The Bear ~ Hot Shots ~ Hunters ~ Inheritance ~

It's a Bad Bad Bad Bad World ~ It's A Small World ~ Janitors ~ Knight Without End ~ Larry And The Pirates ~ Late For Launch ~ Let's Shoot the Player Piano Player ~ Litter Bear ~ Little Cheese Chaser ~ Mel's Angels ~ Movie Scars ~ Peter Panic ~ Phony Express (Cartoon) ~ Piemakers ~ Queen Quong ~ Ready, Jetset, Go ~ Safari So Good ~ Seasick Joe ~ Smoke Gets In Your Skies ~ Soldiers ~ Stone Age Stooges ~ Stop Dragon Around ~ Sunbathers ~ Suture Self ~ Table Tennis Tussie ~ Tally Moe With Larry and Joe ~ That Dirty Bird ~ That Little Old Bomb Maker ~ That Old Shell Game ~ That Was The Wreck That Was ~ The Big Windbag ~ The Classical Clinker ~ The First In Lion ~ The Lyin' Tamer ~ The New Three Stooges ~ The Noisy Silent Movie ~ The Pen Game ~ The Rise And Fall Of The Roman Umpire ~ The Three Astronutz ~ The Transylvania Railroad ~ The Tree Nuts ~ The Unhaunted House ~ The Yolks On You ~ There Auto be a Law ~ Thimk or Thwim ~ Three Jacks and A Beanstalk ~ Thru Rain, Sleet and Snow ~ Tin Horn Dude ~ To Kill a Clockingbird ~ Tree Is A Crowd ~Turkey Stuffers ~ Turnabout is Bearplay ~ Up A Tree ~ Waiters ~ Wash My Line ~ Watt's My Lion ~ What's Mew Pussycat ~ When You Wish Upon A Fish ~ Which is Witch? ~ Who's for Dessert? ~ Who's Lion ~ Woodsman Bear That Tree ~ Zookeepers

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