The Hot Scots is the one-hundred-eighth Columbia Pictures subject starring the Three Stooges.

Plot[edit | edit source]


The Stooges enter the office of Inspector McCormick of Scotland Yard, seeking jobs as detectives, as they are graduates of a correspondence detective school. McCormick assigns them to "find missing papers," an actuality, a job cleaning up trash and trimming hedges.

Meanwhile, a message is received for McCormick and blows out of his window and into the yard where the Stooges are working. They misinterpret the message – summoning three Scottish operators to Glenheather Castle – as an assignment.

The Stooges arrive at the castle, dressed in kilts. They meet with the Earl of Glenheather, who assigns them to guard his precious artifacts stored in the castle.

Later, Shemp and Moe explore the castle as a masked person intrudes upon the sleeping Larry, pushes him into the adjacent room, and steals several items from both rooms. This wakes Larry and the masked figure subdues him and puts him in a closet. Another man poses as a painting and scares Moe and Shemp. Shemp returns to the room where Larry slept, the masked figure hiding under the covers.

As Moe talks with the Earl's assistant, Lorna Doone, Shemp sets a trap for anyone who intrudes, then gets into the bed with the masked figure, still believing it is Larry. However, he sees it is not as he thought and runs to the door, but is knocked out by his own trap.

Moe dances with Lorna, who passes items to the man in the painting while Moe's back is turned. Larry then escapes the closet, knocking over the masked man with the door, and takes the figure's case to the room with Shemp.

The man in the painting pursues Moe to the room adjacent from Larry and Shemp and goes through to their room as the man from the painting breaks in. They knock him out as the masked figure enters and is knocked out. They trap the men in the bed and unmask them as Angus and MacPherson, employees at the castle.

Lorna enters and the Stooges chase her, but she is apprehended by the Earl and police. The Earl tells them he will reward them with his prized scotch, but in his liquor cabinet is a skeleton playing bagpipes, prompting the frightened four the flee the room and jump out a window.

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