The Great Brain Drain is the sixth episode of The Robonic Stooges.


Dr. Crackula has kidnapped Dr. Brainly, the world’s smartest man and uses his machine to remove his brain, so he can place it in the brain of the stupidest man in the world, Curly.

Meanwhile, at 3 Stooges Junkyard, Moe is reclining on a chair and drinking some orange juice when he requests Larry and Curly to move a pile of cars into a stack. Larry and Curly are doing great until they accidentally pick up Moe, who then gets angry at them. They are then called by Agent 000, and since they don't have a private place to change into their costumes on the pile of cars, Moe pulls out a phone booth for them to go in. They get stuck in it, and then they're off.

While flying to Crackula’s Castle, Curly cuts the rope keeping him flying with Moe and Larry, and he falls into the castle. Moe and Larry fall into the moat. Dr. Crackula makes Curly a genius, Moe and Larry then break in and make Curly brainless again with the machine. Dr. Crackula then imprisons them after they fall into a trap door. The stooges escape by getting Curly to inflate himself into a balloon. After the stooges have captured Dr. Crackula and recovered Brainly’s brain, Moe deflates Curly above their junkyard, and they land on their junkyard’s logo.



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