The Ghost Talks is the one-hundred-thirteenth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The boys get drunk by milk after have a toast with the Peeping Tom's spirit

The Stooges are moving men assigned to move furniture out of the haunted Smorgasbord Castle. All goes well at first, outside of a few scares, until a clanking suit of armor inhabited by the ghost of Peeping Tom (voiced by Phil Arnold) scares the hapless Stooges, until he convinces them that he is, in fact, a friendly spirit. After finally gaining their trust, Tom tells the trio the story of his watching Lady Godiva, only to get a pie in the face. In turn, his ghost is cursed and trapped inside the suit of armor, having been trapped for 1000 years. The Stooges, however, still have a job to do and tell Tom that they have to move everything in the castle, including him. He instructs the boys to leave him be, as "bad luck" will be upon them should they try to take him away. Shemp, Larry and Moe all take turns trying to move Tom, but various shenanigans, such as a frog jumping down Shemp's shirt and an owl entering a skull and assuming the role of a death's head spirit, spooks the Stooges. As they run into another run to escape, Lady Godiva (Nancy Saunders), strangely clad in a swim suit, rides up on a horse and takes Tom away. The Stooges rush over to the window to watch them depart, only to be pelted with three successive pies amidst a cheering crowd.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Ghost Talks was reworked in 1956 as Creeps, using ample stock footage.
  • This is one of the few films where Shemp bests both Moe and Larry. Shemp swings a broom at a "flying skull", hitting Moe and then Larry, who think it was the "spirit" hitting them. When they see Shemp holding the broom, he thinks quickly and says, "Lucky for you I took this away from him, or he'd have killed you both!" Their reaction is to pat him on the back and say "Thanks, pal!"

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