Moe and Larry ride on a boat to get to the beach. They get off and the two wonder where Curly Joe went to. As Moe leaves to get some water, Larry attempts to set the stuff up, only to hit Curly Joe in the stomach with a large object. Curly Joe screams and Moe who was getting water at the time runs over. Curly Joe is wearing some sort of umbrella on his head. Moe asks him to get the suntan lotion. Moe complains to Larry about where he puts his sharp object, and attempts to put the object back in place. As Curly Joe attempts to get the suntan lotion, a ball rolls over and he grabs it. A girl comes by, demanding the ball and Curly Joe gives her the ball back. Curly Joe attempts to get the suntan lotion, only to by mistake get the Iron Grip cement. He is walking, when he notices a woman and her daughter. He goes up to them, and offers some of his suntan lotion, so they won't get burned. The woman is rubbing her daughter, when she notices that her hand is stuck to her daughter's. She calls for help, and a man comes by to help her. He is able to get the cloth off her hand, and is also able to get her unstuck from her daughter. The Three Stooges are slowly unsticking themselves. Moe asks Curly Joe, what is the stuff that he got, and Curly Joe tells them it's Iron grip cement. Before the Three Stooges can do anything else, the woman points out who gave the glue to her, and the three of them chase after the Three Stooges. The Three Stooges see them, and run off. Unsticking themselves in the process, while being continuously chased, until they are able to fool them by hiding a towel, Just as they are walking they are spotted, and before they are about to be bonked on the head, they end up pushing the man down, and the woman bonks all four of them. The Three Stooges then ride off, without Curly Joe, who attempts to catch up with them.

New Three Stooges Episodes
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