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Stone Age Romeos is the one-hundred-sixty-third Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


The Stooges hope to collect a reward by proving to museum curator B. Bopper (Emil Sitka) that cavemen indeed still exist. They embark on an expedition with 16mm camera in hand, ready to film whatever they find. Eventually, the Stooges return to Bopper with a film showing three cavemen living in the prehistoric age. The film illustrates the three tending to their daily chores, consisting of mixing milk, hunting fish, and gathering eggs. The film also shows the three cavemen defending their women from other fellow cavemen. Bopper is ecstatic, and is preparing to cut the Stooges a check. However, Bopper overhears the sneaky stooges talking about how the film was a hoax, as they played the cavemen themselves. The curator is furious, and promptly shoots the three frauds in their derrières, before shooting himself in the foot.



  • Entertainer Dinah Shore is name-checked by Larry Fine in the film.