Spook Louder is the sixty-ninth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


Told in flashback by a professor in an interview with a newspaper reporter, this is the story of The Stooges as traveling salesmen trying their best to sell their "Miracle Reducing Machine," which essentially shakes and rattles off the pounds (as Curly's demonstrates). As luck would have it, the boys stumble on the home of Graves the inventor (Ted Lorch), who assumed the Stooges are the new caretakers. Graves is on his way to Washington, D.C. to test his new death ray machine, and leaves his eerie spooky mansion in the hands of the trio. Naturally, spies disguised in Halloween costumes show up once Graves departs. The Stooges are on edge the entire time, particularly because mysterious cream pies come flying out of thin air which eventually causes Curly to say. "Who threw those pies?" At the end after the flashback, it is revealed that the interviewed professor threw the pies as a reporter asks. "Who was throwing those pies?" and then the short ends as someone throws a pie at the professor


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