Self-Made Maids is the one-hundred-twenty-fourth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


The Stooges are artists who fall in love with three models, Larraine, Moella and Shempetta. They go to ask their father for their hands in marriage. He denies their request when he recognizes them as the "hoodlums" that accosted him earlier. After a wild chase around the house, the Stooges catch him, and tickle his feet until he changes his mind. Eventually, he agrees, and the boys marry their girls. Later, all three couples finally have a baby of their own.



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The boys in their dual (actually multiple) role as Moella, Larraine and Shempetta

  • Self Made Maids is always noted for one of the only two stooge shorts not to have a supporting cast. However, in the lobby scene, an unidentified extra makes a brief appearance reading a newspaper. The other short which really doesn't contain any supporting casts is 1958's Oil's Well That Ends Well
  • The Three Stooges play all of the parts, including the daughters. The father is played by Moe (with an extra was used to play Moe when Moe himself played the girls' father).
  • Moe's high heel slipped while skipping, resulting in a sprained ankle. Rather than ruining the take, Moe hopped into the next room to get out of the camera view. However, he tosses his purse in order to use both of his hands to break his fall onto the bed. Moe tripped over the bed, and hit his head on the bed leg, knocking him out. Moe arrived on the set the following day on crutches.
  • In a deleted scene all 3 of the Stooges are replaced by doubles.
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