Rusty Romeos is the one-hundred-eighty-first Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.

Plot[edit | edit source]


The Stooges wake up one bright morning and happily realize that they are about to get married. After breakfast, they start cleaning house. The usual antics occur as the boys make a near shambles of their home.

The trio try to reupholster a davenport, but end up clobbering Moe on several counts. First, Larry attempts to cut the upholstering with a scissor and ends up trimming Moe's sportcoat. Then, to speed things up, they pour the upholstering tacks into a machine gun and aim at the davenport. The rapid fire release works well at first, but Larry and Joe argue over who gets the next round, leading the rifle firing right at Moe's gluteus maximus. After Larry and Joe quickly remove the tacks, Moe manages to swallow one. After all is said and done, the house is neat and clean.

The Stooges then head their separate ways to marry their sweetheart — unaware they are all engaged to the same girl, Mabel. In rapid succession, Larry, Moe, and then Joe appear at their fiancée's home with engagement rings of varying sizes. When the boys discover their error, a nutty fight ensues. Moe and Larry eventually knock each other cold. Joe, however, realizes that the gold digger is about to make a quick exit, and fires the tack-filled rifle at her buttocks, calling her a "jezebel."

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

When Moe had swallowed the whole tacks after being accidently punched by Joe from behind:

  • Larry: "The tacks won't come out!"
  • Joe: "They went in; they must be income tax."
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