Rockin' in the Rockies is a Western/musical film done by the Three Stooges in 1945. It is one of the few feature films they did during their Columbia years, and is also one of the few films they did with Curly where they played a lead role.


Rusty Williams (Jay Kirby) is away at Agricultural College, prospector Shorty (Moe) fills in at Rusty's struggling Reno, Nevada spread as the ranch foreman. He spends his time looking for an angle at the Wagon Wheel Cafe Casino, and hooks up with two vagrants (Larry and Curly) after they accidentally win a lot at the roulette. Along with two stranded New York singers (Mary Beth Hughes, Gladys Blake) and their money, the Stooges and the girls head for the ranch with prospecting plans. Rusty returns home with hope that investor Sam Clemens (Forrest Taylor) will save the ranch's cattle and mining operations, and finds Shorty and the gang's plans destroying there plans. Complicating matters further, inept ranchhands (The Hoosier Hotshots) mistake Clemens for a cattle rustler, and Shorty, Curly and Larry have a scheme to get the girls an audition with a vacationing Broadway producer.



  • Overall, Rockin' in the Rockies has not been a very well-received film, from critics and Stooge fans alike. One of the main reasons for the films hate most likely has to do with the fact, that the Three Stooges aren't playing characters who are with each other in the beginning of the film, in fact Moe isn't even in his stooge character and Larry is the leader of the team. The somewhat failure of Rockin' in the Rockies led the Three Stooges away from a regular film career for more than 14 years, until 1959.
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