Pardon My Clutch is the one-hundred-fifth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


Shemp has been ill with a toothache for quite some time. The Stooges' friend Claude (Matt McHugh), a self-proclaimed Kevin Trudeau-ish doctor, gives Moe and Larry some specific instructions on how to cure the toothache, which, of course, they misinterpret every which way possible. After finally yanking the troublesome tooth, Claude suggests the trip take Shemp on a camping trip for a little R&R. Since the Stooges do not own a car, Claude offers to sell them a car that turns out to be a "lemon."

The trio run into a series of mishaps trying to get the car to work, including a flat tire that gets them into trouble with a local gas station attendant (George Lloyd). Finally, things improve via a car collector (Emil Sitka) who wants to buy the clunker at a premium. Claude gets wind of this, quickly takes his money back from the Stooges, and hands it to the collector. Within minutes, two men in white coats from the local insane asylum come to retrieve the supposed car collector, with Claude following right behind.


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