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Outer Space Jitters is the one-hundred-eighty-second Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.



The Stooges tells their infant sons (also the Stooges) a story about the time they blasted to outer space. In this story, the Stooges are assistants to Professor Jones (Emil Sitka) who travel to the planet Sunev (Venus spelled backwards). The planet's leader, the Grand Slitz of Sunev (Gene Roth) greets them cordially enough, but it soon becomes apparent that he has plans to bring prehistoric men to life and take over the planet Earth. No sooner does Professor Jones catch onto the Grand Slitz's plan does he end up being tied up.

In the interim, the lovable Stooges engage in some flirtatious activity with several Sunevian girls (Harriette Tarler, Diana Darrin, and Arline Hunter). At dinner, an alien leader, known officially as The High Mucky Muck (Philip Van Zandt) tells the Stooges to eat heartily and enjoy their meal, for it will be their last. The trio make a quick dash for the space ship, but not before encountering a prehistoric monster goon (Don Blocker). The boys manage to free Professor Jones and promptly disengage all the equipment that would have brought doom to the Earth.



  • The short film features Moe and Larry's more "gentlemanly" haircuts, firstly suggested by Joe Besser. Larry's frizz has been combed back, while Moe had retained his sugarbowl bangs.