Nutty But Nice is the forty-seventh Columbia Pictures short subject starring The Three Stooges.


The Stooges, who are restaurant entertainers, are asked by two doctors (Vernon Dent, John Tyrrell) to cheer up a little girl who is sick because her father (Ned Glass), who works in the bank, is kidnapped by the mob along with bonds worth $300,000. The Stooges, dressed as overgrown little girls replete with blonde sausage curls, try unsuccessfully to cheer her up. Undaunted, they volunteer to find the girl's father and the doctor gives the trio a brief description of him.

The Stooges waste no time hitting the pavement in search for the father. They stop nearly every middle-aged male on the street under six feet tall, barraging each and everyone with questions. Suddenly, Curly starts yodeling, and hears a response — from a radio that Butch (one of the mobsters) switched on; Butch (Cy Schindell) has the little girl's father tied to a bed. They decide to see if her father is there. They manage to knock out Butch and free the little girl's father by sliding the bed frame off of the handcuffs.

Just as they are ready to escape, three more mobsters return so the Stooges and the father blocks the door, making their own escape harder. Then the little girl's father uses the dumbwaiter to escape to the basement. He goes first, followed by Curly who forgets to release the lever of the dumbwaiter when he gets out, such that the bottom breaks off when raised. When Moe and Larry get on, they fall all the way to the basement and land on Curly and the father. Moe, angered at Curly for breaking the dumbwaiter, uses a plank to hit him with, and instead smashes the overhead light. They use matches to see through the dark, but they always go out. Then suddenly, the mobsters come to the basement and grab them just as the light on a match goes out. When Curly lights a candle he knocks everybody out, including Moe, Larry, and the little girl's father. Just as Curly starts to wake up Moe and Larry with water, they fall out of the way and the water hit the unconscious mobsters. When they wake up, Curly uses a pot to knock them out again and accidentally hits Moe on the head. They call the police and the father is able to unite with his daughter and recover his bonds.


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