No Dough Boys

No Dough Boys is the eighty-second Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


The Stooges are dressed as Japanese soldiers for a photo shoot; their boss (John Tyrrell) tells them to go on a lunch break but they have to keep their costumes on to finish the photo shoot quickly. Meanwhile, in the restaurant the Stooges are about to go to, the manager reads a headline in the newspaper.

When the Stooges arrive, the owner thinks they are the Japanese and attacks the Stooges, but they manage to escape. When they escape into the alley, they accidental activate a hidden door. When they get inside, they meet a Nazi spy named Hugo (Vernon Dent) who mistakes them for the three Japanese, Naki (Larry), Saki (Moe), and Waki (Curly), that escaped. Just as Hugo is about to introduce them to some ladies, Curly accidentally calls them "dames" which makes Hugo realize that they are not the Japanese, but he plays along anyway.

In order to prove themselves, the Stooges have to teach the ladies jujitsu and do acrobatic tricks. When the real Japanese arrive, the stooges fight them, but they keep turning the lights on and off, leading them to fight the wrong persons. At the end, the stooges come out victorious.


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