No Census, No Feeling is the fiftieth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.

No Census, No Feeling


The Stooges are once again unemployed. After fleeing from a swap shop where they have been sleeping and vandalizing the store, they inadvertently obtain jobs as census takers. With their new roles, they crash an affluent woman's bridge party, with Moe and Larry joining in the group of players. Simultaneously, Curly decides to mix up some fruit punch in the kitchen, accidentally adding alum instead of sugar to the mix. When the guests begin to suffer from alum-puckered lips, the Stooges are quickly booted out the door.

Later that day, the Stooges sneak into a nearby football stadium where a game is in progress. They attempt to question as many football players as possible, despite the fact the athletes are trying to play a game. Frustrated, Moe realizes the only way to obtain any census is to steal the football in an attempt to secure the attention of the players. The Stooges decide to chain the players to prevent them from getting the football. Instead of stopping the players, the players rip their pants. Curly then steals the ball and an ice cream vendor's wagon, and the boys make a hasty escape from an angry mob of players and referees as Moe fires ice cream at the mob.



  • The film title as "No Census, No Feeling" is a parody on the expression "No sense, No feeling".
  • No Census, No Feeling is one of the Stooges films to be colorized as part of the 2004 DVD collection entitled Stooged & Confoosed.
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