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Mummy's Dummies is the one-hundred-eleventh Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.



The Stooges are used chariot salesmen in Ancient Egypt. They swindle Rhadames, the captain of the royal guard (Ralph Dunn) and he has them arrested. They appear before the king, King Rootentootin (Vernon Dent) for a brief trial. He asks, "Who are these sand fleas?" before sentencing the stooges to be fed to the crocodiles. Here Moe notices the King's is suffering from a terrible toothache, and Shemp is instructed, with death as the price of failure, to pull the King's tooth. Shemp, working with ridiculously thick glasses grabs King Rootentootin's nose with his pliers, and flips him out of his throne. This knocks out a huge (“king size”) tooth, and the King marvels, “the pain is gone.” He rewards the Stooges making them royal chamberlains. They uncover a plot, where Futamon, the Tax Collector (Philip Van Zandt) is stealing the tax money. Again thrilled with them the King's offers his daughter Fatima's (Dee Green) hand in marriage. “May the lucky man take one step forward.” Larry and Moe step backward, leaving Shemp shaking the King's hand as he is stuck marrying the homely princess.


It should be well noted, that this is the only Shemp film from the 40's, not to get reworked in the 50's.