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Love at Bite is the one-hundred-twenty-third Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.



The Stooges happily reminisce about the meeting of their respective fiancees whilst in the service in Europe. To celebrate, the trio drink a toast, consisting of three large mugs containing Old Panther whisky and immediately get pathetically drunk. Moe and Shemp start arguing over their sweetheart, and suggest they end it by fighting "a drool." As ammunition, they spray each other with seltzer bottles. Shemp finally passes out cold, leading Moe and Larry to the conclusion he croaked. They decided to dispose of Shemp's body by encasing his feet in a round-bottomed tub with cement in order to drop him into the ocean.

While the cement dries, the three doze off. When they come to, all are suffering from hangovers and short memories. Naturally, they cannot figure out how Shemp got into his situation. Realizing they must meet their sweethearts quickly, Moe and Larry load up the tub with sticks of dynamite, which explodes and send the boys flying through the air and onto the docks where their ladies are waiting.



  • Love at First Bite was slightly reworked in 1958 as Fifi Blows Her Top.
  • Love at First Bite was filmed August 18–22, 1948, but not released until May 1950. It was post-production in 1949 with Columbia Pictures intro. For some reasons, that's why the titled of copyright with Roman numerals said "MCMXLIX" meant "1949".
  • Not to be confused with the 1979 movie of the same title.