Knutzy Knights is the one-hundred-fifty-sixth Columbia Pictures short film starring the Three Stooges.


The Stooges are troubadours sent to cheer up the broken-hearted Princess Elaine (Christine McIntyre). Her father, the King, (Vernon Dent) has pledged her hand in marriage to the Black Prince (Philip Van Zandt), but she loves Cedric, the local blacksmith (Jock Mahoney).

The Stooges try to intervene for Cedric by serenading Elaine (they sing a variation on the Sextette from "Lucia di Lammermoor," with lyrics telling Elaine that Cedric is present and warning of the Black Prince's plot). They are captured by the king's guards and condemned to be beheaded. Eventually the King realizes the plot and jails The Black Prince and his fellow plotter. Elaine is allowed to marry Cedric, and they all live happily ever after.



  • Knutzy Knights is a remake of Squareheads of the Round Table which use the ample footage from the original 1948 film and feature Shemp Howard as the third stooge.
  • This is the last film featuring new footage of longtime Stooge foil Vernon Dent. Dent appeared in three more Stooge films after Knutzy Knights, via recycled footage: Bedlam in Paradise, Hot Stuff, and Guns a Poppin!.
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