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Jail Birds of Paradise is ninth film of Ted Healy and his Stooges during their time in MGM. In this rare Stooges' short during, that doesn't feature Healy or Larry, rather it features both of the Howard Brothers on the team at the time.


During the warden's three-month absence, his daughter Miss Deering (Dorothy Appleby) has turned Paradise Prison into a "paradise," a luxury hotel with all the amenities, and the guards do all of her work. As Miss Deering and her secretary tour the prison, there are a series of seeing gags that resolve around the various prisoners. Among them, registering at Paradise's front desk we meet Joe Pantz played by Moe Howard, an axe murderer who has transferred from Leavenworth.

That night there is a show in the Prison Auditorium with dinner and music. Moe enters with Jerry Howard, who is wearing a toupee, and the two work a hair tonic scheme among at the other prisoners; this scene was reworked for Moe, Larry Fine and Joe DeRita in their 1961 feature, Snow White and the Three Stooges. The festivities end with gunshots and a vase-throwing melee among the prisoners.

Lost film status[]

This film is considered lost as there are no known surviving studio, or collector prints, or negatives of this short subject. The rediscovery of a copy of Hello Pop! in 2013 made Jail Birds of Paradise the only currently lost Stooges film.