Invasion of the Incredible Giant Chicken is the first episode of The Robonic Stooges.


Professor Cluck creates an enlarging potion which he tests on two chickens. When the chickens successfully grow into giants, Professor Cluck now plans to use them to take over the world.

Meanwhile, at 3 Stooges Junkyard, The Three Stooges are working on the plumbing in their bathroom. They are then called by Agent 000, who tells them about the chicken problem. The Stooges then change costumes underwater and they're off.

After initially failing to stop the chickens, The Stooges try to create a shrinking potion to shrink the chickens. Moe tests it on Curly, and it enlarges him. Then, The Stooges create a shrinking potion by reading the growth potion's recipe backwards. They then use the potion to shrink the chickens back to normal, and capture Professor Cluck.



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