In the Sweet Pie and Pie

In the Sweet Pie and Pie is the fifty-eighth short subject starring the Three Stooges.


Tiska (Dorothy Appleby), Taska (Mary Ainslee) and Baska (Ethelreda Leopold) Jones, three snippy society girls, are willed an inheritance so long as they are married. However, their fiancés, Tom, Dick and Harry 


unfortunately cancel their wedding ceremony because of World War II. Their shrewd lawyer, Diggin (Richard Fiske) suggests they marry three death row inmates (the Stooges) to retain the dough and once they're hanged, the sisters are free to marry their fiancés. They do so, but the boys are pardoned by the governor when the real murderers confessed to the Mushroom Gang Murders.

At the mansion, Tiska, Taska and Baska attempts to celebrate widowhood until the Stooges shows up and make themselves at home. Realizing what they got themselves into Tiska, Taska, and Baska deviously think up any excuse to divorce their new beaus by forcing the boys to take up lessons to become gentlemen. After enrolling the Stooges in an ill-fated dance lesson, they confront Diggin because he suggested they marry the Stooges and demands him to get them a divorce before their fiancés come home and find out the truth.

He suggests that the girls throw a formal party, hoping the Stooges will make a shambles of the evening. They do, of course, and Diggin pays Williams, the maitre d', extra money to shove a cake in Moe's face in order to help gain sympathy for the sisters from the socialites. He does, but the socialites there shows sympathy towards Moe and are offended by Williams for shoving a cake in his face. The evening ends with the Stooges' first genuine pie fight. Diggin shows up and chastises the Stooges for their social ineptness and will annul their marriage at once. By that time, the Jones sisters had enough of him and decides to remain married to the Stooges. They along with their guests covers Higgins in pie from head to foot.



  • The dance lesson scene is stock footage from the early film Hoi Polloi. The cell block scene is later used in Beer Barrel Polecats and little footage of the pie fight scene is later used in the Shemp short Pest Man Wins.
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