If a Body Meets a Body 1945 lobbycard

If a Body Meets a Body is the eighty-sixth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


The Stooges are unemployed again and looking through the want-ads for work. Moe stumbles on an article stating that Curly's uncle Bob O. Link had died and left his nephew Curly Q. Link a nice inheritance. Upon arriving at the uncle's mansion for the reading of the will, the lawyer disappears along with the will and is then found murdered. All potential heirs, including the Stooges, are held as suspects and forced to spend the night.

While getting a tour of their sleeping quarters, Curly gets spooked when it is revealed he is standing on the exact spot his uncle was murdered. The rest of the night consists of a parrot walking around inside a human skull, howling wind, and uncle Bob O. Link's corpse leaning on Moe.

The Stooges flee down the stairwell and knock over the maid (Joe Palma), who is the killer in disguise, with the stolen will falling out of the killer's wig. After excitedly reading the will, Curly learns that he has been bequeathed a grand total of $0.67 net.



It aired as part of Turner Broadcasting System's 1992 and 1995 Halloween special "The Three Stooges Fright Night" along with Spooks (1995 airing), We Want Our Mummy (both 1992 and 1995 airings), Dopey Dicks (1992 airing), Three Pests in a Mess (1992 airing), The Hot Scots (1995 airing) and Malice in the Palace (1995 airing).
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