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Husbands Beware is the one-hundred-sixty-seventh Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


Husbandsbeware 1sht.jpg

Moe and Larry marry Shemp's overweight sisters (Lou Leonard and Maxine Gates), and discover to their horror after the vows that the girls are a couple of battle axes. After being kicked out from their place, the new bridegrooms vow revenge on Shemp for introducing them. Later, Shemp has a voice lesson with student, Fanny Dinkelmeyer since he is a music teacher.

He then discovers that he has to marry a woman within 7 hours to receive $500,000 from his dead Uncle's will. After some searching, the Stooges finally find Shemp's student, Ms. Dinkelmeyer. Several of Shemp's old girlfriends, and gold diggers, all arrive at the Justice of the Peace's office, wreaking havoc in an attempt to marry Shemp for his money.

But Shemp marries the crone, just under the deadline, and then discovers that there is no dead Uncle or will, and that everything was Moe's and Larry's revenge because Shemp let Moe and Larry marry his two overweight sisters and got divorced. Shemp gets so angry, he takes out a gun and shoots at Moe and Larry as they try to flee.