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How High Is Up? is the forty-eighth Columbia Pictures short subject starring The Three Stooges.


The Stooges, who are working as menders, are asleep under their wagon when a broken hydrant washes them down the street, mattress and all, and into the path of a truck. Rudely awoken by a beat cop, they set about drumming up business. Curly attempts to fix a flat tire (using a slice of salami from Moe's sandwich as a patch), and Moe and Larry struggle to get Curly out of his too-tight sweater.

They later arrive at a construction site and poke holes on the bottom of the workers' lunch boxes, offering to fix the holes for money. When their ruse is discovered, they are chased onto the actual site and blend in with a crowd of people looking for work. Curly states that they are "the best riveters that ever riveted," and the hiring workman (Duke York) sends them to work on the 97th floor, despite Curly's debilitating fear of heights.

They do a lousy job and part of the building collapses when head foreman Mr. Blake (Vernon Dent) leans against a beam. He and several men chase the stooges, who escape by parachuting off the building and landing in their wagon below.