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Have Saucer Will Travel is the fourth episode of The Robonic Stooges.


The Blobobians want to invade planet Earth, but first they want to check to see if there's intelligent life on there first.

Meanwhile, in 3 Stooges Junkyard, Larry and Curly are painting their house orange, while Moe watches them from out the window. The two get paint on Moe's face, and he gets angry. Agent 000 calls them about the aliens when they just landed in the junkyard. The Stooges change into their costumes in the ship, and the Blobobians grab them back into the ship.

The Blobobians perform several tests on The Stooges, all of which they presumably fail. They then get tested for intelligence, which they also fail. The Stooges then escape the aliens and destroy the scenery around them. And that's when The Blobobians declare that there is no intelligent life on Earth.



  • The title is a reference to the film Have Rocket, Will Travel.
  • The episode contradicts the fact that The Three Stooges have been shown to be somewhat smart throughout the series (knowing how to use their superpowers, being able to come up with jokes based on the current situation, etc.). This is especially odd in the cases of Moe and Larry. Curly is also said to be the stupidest man alive in The Great Brain Drain.
  • While being X-rayed, The Robotic Stooges sing a parody of ”Dem Dry Bones.”


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