Half Shot Shooters is the fourteenth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


World War I has ended and the stooges have been let go from their services, despite the fact that they did absolutely nothing. When the sergeant finds out about this he beats up the stooges recklessly, but the stooges have their revenge and beat the sergeant up. Years later and the guys are now all bums. Attempting to steal meat from a well to do man, who catches and chases them near the front of a military recruiting station. When the boys desperately ask for a job, he tells them to go into a nearby building and go to room 310. They sign up, but it turns out the whole time it was the army, and they're under their own sergeant's command. They are given the task of training on a big gun at a naval base, and after screwing up too many times, accidentally fire on the Admiral's flagship. The sergeant then blasts them away by firing a cannon at them.



  • This is the only time Dick Wessel appeared in a Curly short. This short marks the first time that stooge supporting actor Vernon Dent appears in. Vernon Dent has appeared in more 3 Stooges films than any other supporting actor.
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