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Fugitive Lovers is a 1934 MGM feature film starring Madge Evans and Robert Montgomery. Co-starring by Nat Pendleton, C. Henry Gordon, Ruth Selwyn and Ted Healy and his Stooges, who made an appearance as stage performers traveling on the bus.


Letty Morris (Madge Evans) is a New York dancer who's shunning the advances of the gangter "Legs" Caffey (Nat Pendleton) by jumping a cross-country bus to Hollywood. Legs learns of her plans and boards the bus. Along the way, the bus passes a penitentiary where a fugitive named Paul Porter (Robert Montgomery) made his escape and hides among the luggage. During a stop-over, Porter attains a seat on the bus and immediately falls for Letty. Legs soon discovers Porter is on the bus and threatens to turn him in, but after realizing Letty is in love, relents and allows Porter to escape. Detective Daly (C. Henry Gordon), however catches up with Letty and travels with her, waiting for Porter to rejoin her. Porter steals the bus during an overnight stop and Letty joins him. A harrowing car chase ensues. When Porter happens upon a busload of school kids caught in a dangerous storm, he risks all to save them.

In the most part of this film, Ted Healy and the Stooges appeared separately. Ted as loud mouthed passenger who like to converse with another passenger while the Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard) as a musical group named the Three Julians who together served as comic reliefs.