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Fuelin' Around is the one-hundred-sixteenth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


The Stooges are carpetlayers working at the home of Professor Sneed (Emil Sitka) and his daughter (Christine McIntyre). Sneed is developing a rocket fuel in secret for the government. Anemian spy Captain Rork (Philip Van Zandt) watches the professor through his front window, with hopes of kidnapping him. Of course, the Anemians capture the Stooges instead, mistaking Larry for the professor. Trouble brews when the Stooges are required to whip up some the fuel, and then download the formula. It does not take long for the Anemians to capture the real Professor Sneed, along with his daughter, and throw them all in jail until the formula is disclosed. Thanks to a shy prison guard (Jock Mahoney) who cannot help but flirt with Sneed's daughter, the group make a quick exit.