Frozen Feud is the eighth episode of The Robonic Stooges.


Klondike Mike and his Yeti have just put a hole in a pipe containing oil. With this oil, Klondike Mike plans to become the richest man in the world.

Meanwhile, The Robonic Stooges are setting up for a picnic. Moe brought the picnic blanket, Larry brought the pickles, and Curly brought ants. Moe gets angry at Curly, and tells Curly he can be his hammock. Moe then lies on top on him, then Curly bounces him into the air. Larry and Curly try to use their picnic blanket to catch him, but Moe falls into the ground and puts a hole in the blanket. Then they get a call from Agent 000, they change into the costumes behind a tree, and they run into their picnic basket, and end up covered in food.

While initially scared of the yeti, they eventually defeated him and Klondike Mike. The episode ends with Curly being covered in snow.



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