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For Crimin' out Loud is the one-hundred-seventieth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges. This was the final short to contain new footage of Shemp Howard, who died on November 22, 1955.


The Stooges work for Miracle Detective Agency, and are hired by a middle-aged millionaire named John Goodrich (Emil Sitka) to track down some racketeers who have threatened his life. Upon arrival at Old Man Goodrich's mansion, the boys are quickly seduced by a beautiful blonde (Christine McIntyre) who puts a dose of poison in Shemp's drink. Moe and Larry revive Shemp and a spectacular chase ensues, culminating in a lights-out fight, with the Stooges coming out on top.



This was the last short film that contained new footage of Shemp. On November 23, 1955, Shemp went out with his friends to a boxing match at the Hollywood Legion Stadium. After the fight was over, Shemp hailed a taxicab to take him to his North Hollywood home with his friend Al Winston. Shemp sat back and lit up his cigar. Suddenly, he slumped over into Winston's lap, accidentally burning Winston with the cigar. Shemp had a heart attack, and was dead at the age of 60.

The first five minutes of For Crimin' Out Loud consists of new footage. The remainder of the film (save one closeup of the Stooges after Shemp is poisoned) is made up of stock footage.

The title of the film is a play on the expression, "For cryin' out loud"