Flea Fi Fo Fum is the seventh episode of The Robonic Stooges.


Ludwig Lillyput plans to shrink the entire world, as a form of revenge against the people who ridiculed him.

Meanwhile, at 3 Stooges Junk Company, Larry and Curly are moving a refrigerator, but Curly drops it nearby where Moe is working on a bathtub. Moe lands into it and gets his head inside an ice cube. Larry then slams his head, which crushes the ice. Curly then pulls out the drain of the tub and Moe comes out. They then get a call from Agent 000 and they're off.

When the stooges succeed in getting into Ludwig's lab, he traps them in a shower, which he uses to shrink them. He then traps them under a glass. Curly gets them out and they land on Ludwig's dog, who mistakes them for fleas. They then end up in a series of tubes and chemicals which brings them back to their normal height. Then Larry traps Ludwig in a cage and the day is saved.



  • The title is a pun on “Fe Fi Fo Fum.”


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