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Fiddlers Three is the one-hundred-seventh Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


The Stooges are fiddlers at the court of Old King Cole (Vernon Dent). They are forbidden by the king to marry their sweethearts until Princess Alicia (Virginia Hunter) weds Prince Gallant III of Rhododendron "when the flowers bloom in the Spring." Unfortunately, evil magician Murgatroyd (Philip Van Zandt) has his own plans to marry Alicia, and promptly abducts her. The Stooges, of course, do their best to foil his plot.

The Stooges try to put horseshoes on their horses when they fall through the floor and try to find a way out. They soon find the princess bound and gagged and rescue her by luring the guards out one by one where they knock them out.