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Dopey Dicks is the one-hundred-twenty-second Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.



The Stooges are janitors who have just finished moving furniture and assorted items into the office of a detective. Shemp fantasizes about the exciting life of a private eye, when a beautiful blonde in distress (Christine McIntyre) rushes in begging for help, claiming she is being followed. While the Stooges search the hallways, she quickly scribbles a note and is captured by a mysterious figure.

The Stooges follow her note to a dark house on Mortuary Road where an evil scientist (Philip Van Zandt) is building an army of robot men. Fanning out to search, Shemp finds the girl tied up and gagged in a curtained alcove at the end of the main hallway. The scientist and his assistant (Stanley Price) then try to dispose of the Stooges, but the Stooges overcome the odds and escape with the girl in a car driven by one of the scientist's robots.



  • Dopey Dicks was filmed on January 11–14, 1949, but it wasn't released until 1950.
    • This is the last short to have a Columbia Pictures intro. Although Love at First Bite was the last one to been released with Columbia Pictures intro in order.
  • When screaming for help, Shemp is screaming for both Moe and Larry. During his screaming, he mistakenly screams the name Mary.
  • Gene Sheldon (who would go on to act as Bernardo in Disney's Spanish Western television series Zorro ) could be seen breathing and moving slightly when standing still inside the headless robot outfit. William Kelley (who previously performed as the Man wearing a Skeleton costume in Spook Louder and Three Pests in a Mess) performs as the driving headless robot at the end of this short.