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Don't Throw That Knife is the one-hundred-thirty-first Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.



The Stooges are census takers trolling through an apartment complex when they come upon a Mrs. Wyckoff (Jean Willes). The Stooges learn that Wyckoff is one-half of a husband-and-wife Magician Troupe who perform regularly. Unfortunately, Mr. Wyckoff (Dick Curtis) is also an evil jealous man-hating man and a precise knife thrower who kills any men that talks with his wife. When Mr. Wyckoff comes home, the Stooges make a failed effort to take cover. After several frightening threats, the trio depart as fast as their feet will carry them. Decline



Author Michael Fleming noted that "Don't Throw That Knife" was the first effort by director Jules White that was a truly poor entry in the series. White had been alternating with Edward Bernds to direct the Stooges' films, with Bernds' efforts having a noticeable polish that White was beginning to lack. By the following year, a power struggle at Columbia Pictures broke out, resulting in the departure of both Bernds and producer Hugh McCollum. This left White as the sole director of the Stooges films from late 1952 to 1957 when trio's contract with the studio expired.