Dizzy Doctors is the twenty-first Columbia Pictures short subject starring The Three Stooges.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The snoring Stooges are awakened near midday by their wives, who demand that they find jobs. The boys soon stumble on company president Dr. Bright (Horace Murphy), who is in desperate need of salesmen for his new product called "Brighto," which has the tagline "Brighto: makes old bodies new." Thinking the liquid is polish, the Stooges take to the streets where they eagerly demonstrate Brighto for prospective customers, but application of the product damages a policeman's (Bud Jamison) sleeve by Larry, destroys another man's shoe by Moe, and ultimately removes the paint from a man's (Vernon Dent) new car. The angry owner of the car joins with the policeman in hot pursuit of the salesmen. they find themselves at the Los Arms Hospital and try their hands at selling Brighto to all of the patients. Next they enter the superintendent's office in an attempt to make a sale, but the super turns out to be the same man whose car's paint job was ruined by them, and the boys must make a hasty retreat back home.

Cast[edit | edit source]


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