Dizzy Detectives

Dizzy Detectives is the sixty-eighth Columbia Pictures short film starring the Three Stooges.


After an attempt at installing a door with mishaps galore, the boys were recruited by the police chief (Bud Jamison) as police officers. The head of the citizen's league, Mr. Dill (John Tyrrell), warns the police commissioner that he must capture the ape man that is terrorizing the city, or he will have his job.

The boys get a tip that the ape man is burglarizing a particular store and head out to catch him. They patrol the store, with Curly pausing for a while in a rocking chair aside a cat whose tail happened to swing simultaneously with the rocker. The tail gets caught eventually, causing the cat to screech, and Curly to scurry away.

While there, they encounter a live gorilla, and the thugs that were running the racket, including Mr. Dill, who is conspiring to remove the chief so he can be the successor. The gorilla was taken from a circus and not used to this job. The Stooges proceed to beat up the thugs with all manner of fights. After encountering a fake guillotine set, which shocks Larry and Moe, Curly disposes of the gorilla by head butting him. But beforehand, he had just drunk a bottle of nitroglycerin the thugs were carrying. This causes the gorilla to explode. At the end, Curly growls at the severed gorilla head he is holding, which growls back at him.



  • Part of the carpentry scene was later borrowed for Pardon My Scotch in 1935.
  • This short was remade in 1951 with Joe Besser as Fraidy Cat. Fraidy Cat itself would be remade in 1955 as Hook a Crook.
  • The working title was Idiots Deluxe not be confused with another Stooges short with the same title.
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