Curly of the Apes is the tenth episode of The Robonic Stooges.


(Note: Only the first two minutes of the episode can be found online, so the rest of the episode's plot is unknown)

Tricker Mortis is an ivory poacher who steals elephants, and he just stole another one with his sidekick, Slug.

Meanwhile, at 3 Stooges Junk Company, The Three Stooges are putting dog-themed wallpaper on a wall in their house. Larry and Curly end up getting Moe stuck under the wallpaper, and he gets mad at them. Then, Agent 000 calls the stooges through Curly's paint-by-numbers coloring book, and he tells them about Tricker Mortis. Curly then paints a telephone booth on the floor, and he, Moe, and Larry enter it. Moe ends up wearing Curly's costume, and Curly ends up wearing Moe's costume. Moe then angry tears it off Curly, exposing his pink underwear.

The Robonic Stooges are now flying above the jungle of Africa, and Curly's rocket shoes malfunction, causing him to fall into a branch and tearing his costume. He then falls in his underwear, and encounters some apes. He then learns that he is engaged to marry a female ape by her father.



  • Only the first two minutes and forty-three seconds of this episode can be found online, making this the only piece of lost media related to the show.


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