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In The Robonic Stooges, Curly Howard is a robotic crimefighting superhero who is a member of The Robonic Stooges. He is a moronic, overweight, bald man who speaks in a high, squeaky Brooklyn accent. When he's not working as a superhero, he and the other stooges work at their junkyard.


Curly is a dim-witted, well-meaning, wisecracking individual who likes to joke around and unintentionally bother Moe in the process. He has a knack for singing on rare occasions. In some episodes, he says that he should start his diet tomorrow, but on at least one occasion, has taken it back, as his weight has assisted the other stooges in fighting crime. His catchphrases are “Woob woob woob!” and “Nyuk nyuk nyuk.” In the episode Three Stooges and the Seven Dwarfs, he and the other stooges are shown to be attracted to women when they get excited at the idea of kissing Ebony Black and waking her. And in the episode The Great Brain Drain, it is said that Curly is the stupidest man in the world.


  • He is never referred to by his last name in the show, just like Moe and Larry.
  • Some of his character artwork (such as the one shown here), depicts him with blonde hair, even though he was a brunette in real life. This error can be seen in other forms of media depicting Curly, such as merchandise.


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