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Cactus Makes Perfect is the sixty-first Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


The film opens with the Stooges' mother (played by male actor Monte Collins) attempting to wake up her three boys without success. "Get out of bed you lazy loafers!" she screams to no avail. Finally, she yanks a rope the leads from the kitchen to the bed where the trio is sleeping soundly. This causes the bed to spin vertically and hilariously until they are expelled - violently.

Afterwards, she smacks them around in typical Stooge fashion (like mother, like sons). Curly receives a letter from the Inventors' Association, who state that his Gold Collar Button Retriever is "incomprehensible and utterly impractical." Naturally, Curly misinterprets this as a success, and the trio leave their mother's home to make their fortune. The mother offers them money, then belts them for accepting it ("You WOULD take it!") as they depart.

In transit, they are swindled into buying a map leading to a lost mine in the Old West. After actually finding a lost mine, the Stooges run afoul of two down-on-their-luck prospectors (Vernon Dent, Ernie Adams), who try to swindle the boys out of their dough.