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Busy Buddies is the seventy-eighth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


The Stooges run the Jive Cafe and are in heavy debt. They reluctantly take a second job hanging posters (à la Three Little Twirps), earning a penny for each poster hung. Moe takes notice of one particular poster advertising a cow milking contest that pays $100 to the winner. Without hesitation, Moe and Larry nominate Curly for the contest, and go about looking for a cow to practice milking on. As luck would have it, they find a 

So good.jpg

"cow" (a bull) right behind the fence. Curly is no match for the wild animal, which then boots Curly up over the fence.

When the contest day arrives, Curly (nicknamed 'K. O. Bossy') cannot squeeze an ounce of milk from the cow's udder. While fresh cows are being brought in for the second round, Moe and Larry jump into a cow costume with a jug of milk. The scheme works until Curly yanks the mock udder off the jug, and the milk comes gushing out. The trio are promptly booed off the stage.



  • The film title "Busy Buddies" is a play on "Busybodies".
  • In some shots the footage of the cow is stock footage from What's the Matador?.