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Bubble Trouble is the one-hundred-fifty-first Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.



The Stooges operate a local drug store whose landlord, the cantankerous Amos Flint (Emil Sitka), informs them their lease is about to expire. Larry protests that the trio have had their establishment for a decade, and do not want to leave. As the four bicker, Flint's elderly wife Cerina (Christine McIntyre) enters the store, only to be berated by Flint for being an old hag. "25 years is enough," he coldly confirms. After he storms off, the boys take to the frail Cerina, who beings to weep that ever since she lost her beauty, Amos had threatened to leave. Both saddened and incensed, the Stooges offer Cerina their spare room in the back. Shemp, seeing this, hatches a plan to invent a "Fountain of Youth" to restore Cerina to her stunning beauty. Deeming the idea "tremendous, colossal and putrid," the Stooges flee to their pharmaceutical lab and mix together a powerful serum.

After several false tries, the trio give Cerina a taste of their Fountain of Youth, and she transforms into a fetching beauty right before their eyes. To celebrate her return to youth, Cerina prepares a Marshmallow Jumbo layer cake. Shemp is assigned to hunt down some of the sweet confection, but inadvertently retrieves bubblegum. The resulting celebration then finds the Stooges and Cerina blowing bubbles after every bite, with Shemp getting two bubbles out of his ears.

Several days later, Amos comes storming into the Stooges' drug store only to see the youthful Cerina flaunting her newfound beauty. Amos quickly reneges on his threat to evict the Stooges, and requests a dose of the youthful serum himself. However, Amos overdoses on the potent stuff, and transforms into a gorilla instead. Realizing this, he starts to beat up on the Stooges.


Bubble Trouble is a virtual reissue of 1947's All Gummed Up, with approx. 4 and one half minutes of footage added at the end. The new footage was filmed on October 13, 1952, nearly one year before the film's release.

Critics and fans alike have observed that this film has a significantly better plot structure than the original, All Gummed Up. In the original, the climax actually takes place about four minutes before the end of the film, leaving space for a bubblegum cake scene. In this film, however, the bubblegum cake scene comes before the climax of the film. Both the original and the remake were directed by Jules White