Brideless Groom is the one-hundred-and-first Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


Shemp plays a voice instructor and the object of affection to an unattractive, tone-deaf student. Larry is his musical accompanist. After an excruciating session, Moe enters his classroom to tell Shemp that his uncle had died and left him an inheritance of five hundred thousand dollars. However, Shemp can't collect the money unless he is married (which horrifies Shemp) within 24 hours after the reading of the will. Shemp uses his filled-up black address book to propose to any and all women he has, with unsuccessful results. With only six hours to get married, Moe and Larry lead Shemp through a series of disastrous situations including the destruction of a phone booth and Shemp being beaten silly by a woman named Miss Hopkins who had just moved into the building. Upon recovering from his bruising, Shemp unintentionally proposes to his student, who accepts, and the two of them, with Moe and Larry in tow, head over to the Justice of Peace to get married. Shemp pulls out the wedding ring but accidently loses it in the piano. Moe forces him to look, and in doing so, Shemp wrecks the piano completely. Eventually he finds the ring, and he is hustled to get married right away. However, the Stooges' building landlord calls Moe to tell him that the paper of Shemp's inheritance was printed in the paper and all the women he called and proposed to found out about it and were looking for him. They all arrive at the Justice of Peace's office all looking to marry Shemp to get his money, and chaos ensues. The women all start fighting, taking out their aggressions on themselves and the Stooges. Throughout the carnage, Shemp, in a dazed state after being whacked in the head by a vase, ends up marrying his student, just in time to collect the money. Shemp comes to, is told what happened, and is frightened beyond reproach.


Production Edit

Shemp's nose was legitimately broken by Christine McIntyre when she was beating up Shemp. They had done several takes beforehand where McIntyre was frightened to hit him. Shemp encouraged her to hit harder, and on the final take she let loose. McIntyre was so distraught over breaking Shemp's nose that she broke into tears after the director yelled cut. Shemp assured her that everything was okay and she didn't do anything wrong.

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