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Booby Dupes is the eighty-fourth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


The Stooges are fish peddlers (similar to their roles in Cookoo Cavaliers) who decide to cut out the middleman by catching the fish themselves. They then go about purchasing fishermen uniforms and a boat. While searching for their wardrobe, Curly manages to swipe a navy captain's uniform from the same guy (Vernon Dent) whose girl (Rebel Randall) Curly decides to overly flirt with.

After the girl debacle, the boys reconvene, and go about trading in their car and raising an additional $300 for a row boat that ends up being a "lemon." No sooner are the Stooges on the ocean when their boat starts to sink. They climb aboard their spare dinghy, and signal some passing planes for help. Unfortunately, they signal using a white rag with a large red paint-splatter in the center, making it resemble the flag of Japan. The planes overhead turn out to be bombers who believe the Stooges are Japanese marines, and promptly bomb the trio.



  • This is one of few shorts where the trio actually call themselves "The Stooges". While their boat is being bombed Moe shouts out "Hey, it's The Stooges!".