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Blunder Boys is the ond-hundred-sixty-sixth Columbia Pictures short subject starring the Three Stooges.


After serving in the Army, the stooges decide to head off to college and major in criminology. Graduating with the lowest possible honors, the boys join the police force and they receive an assignment, which is to search for a bandit called the Eel who is going to rob the Biltless Hotel. They go to the hotel, but fail to catch the criminal or retrieve the money he stole. As a result, they are booted off the force and the three end up as ditch diggers.


  • Blunder Boys was the last Stooge film featuring Shemp Howard that was not a remake of an older film. In addition, it would also be the last film released during his lifetime. Released on November 3, 1955, Howard died 19 days later.
  • It is also one of the few to use the word Stooge to refer to one of the trio.
  • The opening of music and credited was re-used to Shot in the Frontier was high-pitched music in shorts