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Beer and Pretzels is the second of five short subjects starring Ted Healy and his Stooges during their time in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. A musical-comedy film, the short also featured Bonnie Bonnell, Healy's girlfriend at the time.


Healy and the boys try to serve the food as soon as possible

Ted Healy and his Stooges are entertainers. But because Healy is much more interested in women than he is in performing, they are thrown out of the Happy Hour Theatre. Unable to keep a job anywhere else, they are reduced to waiting tables at a high-class restaurant. This, of course, ends up being a disaster as the restaurant is thrown into chaos because of them. So, yet again, they are thrown back out on to the streets.


Beer and Pretzels is often viewed as the group's best short film with MGM.


  • Some footage of Healy and the Three Stooges from the unfinished MGM musical The March of Time was included in Beer and Pretzels.
  • Many of the Stooges' "waiter" gag later reused and reworked in their 1942's Columbia short, Loco Boy Makes Good and their 1946's Monogram feature, Swing Parade of 1946. The opening scene of this short also reworked in Loco Boy Makes Good
  • While Healy is presented as the leader of the entire group, it is one of the first shorts to present Moe as the lead Stooge.